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​Protectivity - Selecting a Product Name Course

One of the most important decisions you can make is selecting the name of your product.  If you pick a wrong name, you might not be able to protect it and others will be able to use the same or similar names for competing products.  If you pick the wrong name you may encounter legal problems with trademark owners, have your product removed from online marketplaces or face other problems.

Perhaps you already run every name by your trademark counsel BEFORE you adopt it.  If you do, that's fantastic and it is a prudent thing to do.  Have you ever brought a potential name to your trademark counsel only for them to tell you ABSOLUTELY NO or perhaps STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST adopting or registering a particular name?  Perhaps after they have performed a comprehensive search, with you incurring fees and delays and needing to repeat the process again until you find a name they are willing to clear?

These issues can often be avoided.  The PROTECTIVITY - SELECTING A PRODUCT NAME Course will help.

This course will provide a step-by-step process which you can follow over and over again every time you need to name a new product.  It will help you evaluate your potential product name on your own, early in the process so you can weed out problematic names and focus on those more likely to be protectable and less likely to interfere with the trademark rights of others!